Do you suffer from pain? is pain taking its toll on you?  Most people try to live with pain as time goes by. Unresolved pain become chronic pain which certain people become depress and mentally ill.  If this is the case  I can help you get better with the years and back round working as a licensed massage therapist in a physical therapy practice for over 16  years gives me a history in the field of physical rehabilitation. remember the last time you had a really good massage?

I am talking about a healing massage the that you felt healing and relaxation. Let me introduce my self my name is Carlos Diaz I have practicing medical massage therapy since 1981. There many skills that one sharpens so many years in the field. Indeed experience counts for improving with time.




Welcome to Bio Muscular Therapy


  1. -Medical Massage

  2. -Deep Tissue

  3. -Shistsu

  4. -Hot Stone Massage

  5. -Yoga  Stretching (Ayurvedic Massage)

  6. -Couple Massage Class

  7. -Group Massage Class

  8. -Relaxation Massage

  9. -AromaTherapy

  10. -Swedish Massage

  11. -Therapeutic Massage

  12. -Bio Muscular Therapy

Current  Office Locations

Zen Medica

143 West 72 Street

New York,  NY 10023

Monday to Friday  8:30 to 4:30 pm

Sat 2pm to 5pm

By appt.

Park North Physical Therapy

233 Lenox Ave, Ground Floor

New York, NY 10027

Sat 9 to 12pm

By appt.

Bikram Yoga East Harlem

4 East 116 Street

2nd floor NYC



By appt.

Live, dance, play and extend

your physical limits—pain free.

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